The “green” vs the “blue” lens on nature and sustainability

We’re soon going to be 10 billion people on this planet and economic growth is causing additional pressure on nature and Earth’s resources. Christian Jørgensen is professor in marine ecology at UiB. He will discuss how our footprint is affecting our planet, on land and at sea.

The lecture is open to all, and starts at 16.30, November 14th,  in Auditorium 2 in Realfagbygget, Allegaten 41.

A myriad of data on global resource use and potential impacts exists, but how can one piece together a holistic view of the state of our planet? A particular challenge is that the consequences of our choices may take place much later and far away. This talk will present key data on the state of humanity and our planet.

It is likely that you will be surprised by some of the comparisons between what happens at land and in the oceans. Having a broad view is essential if we, as individuals or societies, are to make the choices that secure a good future for everyone on Earth.

Organisers: NTVA and Academia Europaea Bergen.