Maria Leptin is the next President of the European Research Council

Maria Leptin was appointed President of the European Research Council (ERC) by the European Commission on June 30th.

Professor Maria Leptin is a highly respected scientist working on developmental biology and immunology. She leads research groups at the Institute of Genetics, University of Cologne, and at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), in Heidelberg. In 2010, she was appointed Director of EMBO, the European Commission states in a press release on the occasion of Leptins appointment.

The ERC Scientific Council also congratulate Maria Leptin in a press release:

We look forward to working together on the continued success of the ERC, Europe’s leading instrument for funding excellent frontier research.

The appointment of Maria Leptin is the outcome of a rigorous selection process, in which an independent Search Committee evaluated thoroughly all applications and nominations received, and prepared a short list of candidates for the position. The finalists were interviewed by the ERC Scientific Council, which informed Commissioner Mariya Gabriel of the ones it approved. The Commissioner then made the final decision, as the procedure stipulates.

We wholeheartedly support the outcome of the process, and welcome Maria Leptin as the next leader of our unique organisation. Her strong scientific and managerial backgrounds, her long-term involvement with European issues, her pioneering role in the scientific community and her familiarity with European institutions are all highly appreciated.

Her strong leadership will be essential in ensuring that frontier research continues to play a central role in the Horizon Europe framework programme, and that the ERC makes good use of its autonomy, as guaranteed by the legislative texts. Strict adherence to the bottom-up principle, leaving the full initiative to researchers, as well as using scientific quality and the pursuit of excellence as the sole criterion for the selection of proposals, will remain the cornerstones of the ERC’s mission.

Here is  the full ERC Scientific Council statement.