Scientific Publications

– 2018 –

[e18] Working Paper Version of the accepted paper for publication in The Energy Journal ( Simultaneous Use of Black, Green, and White Certificates Systems: A Rather Messy Business, Eirik S. Amundsen and Torstein Bye, The Energy Journal, Vol: 39, 4 (2018) WP.

– 2017 –

[e17] Wettability Effects on Osmosis as an Oil-Mobilization Mechanism During Low-Salinity Waterflooding, S.B. Fredriksen, A.U. Rognmo, K. Sandengen, and M.A. Fernø, Petrophysics, 58, (1) p.28-35 (2017).

[e16] Radiation dominated implosion with nano-plasmonics, L. P. Csernai, N. Kroo, and I. Papp, arXiv: 1710.10954 [physics.plasm-ph].

[e15] Decay mechanism and lifetime of 67Kr (Kr isotopes are produced by the nuclear fission of uranium and plutonium in nuclear reactors, etc), L.V. Grigorenko, T.A. Golubkova, J.S. Vaagen, and M.V. Zhukov, Phys. Rev. C 95, 021601(R) (2017).

[e14] Statistical meandering wake model and its application to yaw-angle optimisation of wind farms, E Thøgersen, B Tranberg, J Herp and M Greiner, IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 854, 012017 (2017).

[e13] The benefits of cooperation in a highly renewable European electricity network, D.P. Schlachtberger, T. Brown, S. Schramm, M. Greiner, Energy 134, 469-481 (2017).

[e12] Allocation of nodal costs in heterogeneous highly renewable European electricity networks, Mirko Schäfer, Leon Schwenk-Nebbey, Jonas Hörschz, Bo Tranberg and Martin Greiner, EEM 978-1-5090-5499-2/17 IEEE (2017).

[e11] Decompositions of injection patterns for nodal flow allocation, in renewable electricity networks, Mirko Schäfer, Bo Tranberg, Sabrina Hempel, Stefan Schramm, and Martin Greiner, Eur. Phys. J. B 90, 144 (2017).

[e10] Optimal heterogeneity in a simplified highly renewable European electricity system, Emil H. Eriksen, Leon J. Schwenk-Nebbe, Bo Tranberg, Tom Brown, Martin Greiner, Energy 133, 913-928 (2017).

– 2016 –

[e9] Backup flexibility classes in emerging large-scale renewable electricity systems, D.P. Schlachtberger, S. Becker, S. Schramm, M. Greiner, Energy Conversion and Management 125 (2016) 336–346.

[e8] Simultaneous Use of Black, Green, and White Certificates Systems: A Rather Messy Business, E.S. Amundsen, T. Bye, CESifo WORKING PAPER 5954 (2016).

[e7] Market Power in Interactive Environmental and Energy Markets: The Case of Green Certificates, E.S. Amundsen, G. Nese, CESifo WORKING PAPER 5922 (2016).

[e5] Quantitative Entropy Study of Language Complexity, R.R. Xie, W.B. Deng, D.J. Wang, L.P. Csernai, Submitted to Physica A, arXiv:1611.04841 [cs.CL].

[e4] Quantitative assessment of increasing complexity, L.P. Csernai, S.F. Spinnangr, S. Velle, Physica A 473 (2017) 363, arXiv:1609.04637 [q-bio.OT].

[e3] Radiation dominated implosion, Susanne F. Spinnangr, Istvan Papp, Laszlo P. Csernai, arXiv:1611.04764 [physics.plasm-ph].

[e2] Physical Basis of Suatainable Development, Laszlo Pal Csernai, Istvan Papp, Susanne Flo Spinnangr and Yilong Xie, Int. J. of Central European Green Innovation 42 (2016) 39-50. arXiv:1612.06439v1 [physics.soc-ph].

[e1] Tools and data services registry: a community effort to document bioinformatics resources, Jon Ison et al., Nucleic Acids Research, 44 (2016) D38–D47.